#8 Win, Win or Win

For our Irish National Champions to travel, stay, acclimatize, train, eat and compete at the CrossFit Games this summer, it will cost them thousands.

In a little over ten weeks Emma McquaidArminas Balevicius & Michael Smith will hit the competition floor flying the flag for Ireland

They have all helped elevate our sport, our events, our communities on the world stage and this is our opportunity to show them our support.

With that in mind, if you have a spare few euros, please donate to the athlete fund 🥰


For every €5 you donate you will be entered into the draw to win a concept 2 bike. Draw will take place 20th May at 9pm Irish Time

Again huge thanks to Concept2 for supporting Irish CrossFit 👏💪❤️

Here’s a sneak peek of the preparation for the draw!