#9 150 what?

20th May 2019

Today is finally the day where we will answer the question that’s been whispered about in the corridors and rumoured about for as long as we have existed.

The existential question…

Brace yourself…

Why on earth are you guys called Filthy 150?????

Lets go all the way back to when CrossFitters wore long colourful socks like it was a uniform… 2013!

A guy decides to run an event. How does he figure out how many people to invite to said event? Base it on size of premises? Base it on earnings? Base it on time available? What if you don’t care about any of that and the only criteria is that people engage with each other, get to know each other and have a bit of fun throwing down together?

What then?!

Then your glad its Jamie making that decision and not you!

The aim is easy, get some boxes together for a good competition where inclusivity and community were at the core of the event. Where its not about the winning or the medals. Where its about getting people together, to broaden people’s social circles so they could make friends with other like minded individuals and discuss their favourite topics to their hearts content, CrossFit obviously. All the while, doing their favourite thing, CrossFit!

He had somewhat settled on asking 6 gyms with the stipulation that they each had to bring 25 people

150 people

When he stumbled on a theory called Dunbar’s Number, it solidified his decision and he knew he was on the right path. Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist and psychologist determined that 150 is the number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable relationships with

When someone like Dunbar agrees with you, I guess you go with your gut and run with it

But what about the Filthy bit? That dirty little Filthy 50 chipper has a lot to answer for! Yes it was named after that wod. 

Helllllllloooo Filthy 150

The innuendo we managed to create around the name over the years has been comical and nothing short of not being suitable for innocent eyes!!

With the name set and rules on paper, Filthy 150 came to life

6 gyms

25 people from each gym, to comprise of 1 male competitor, 1 female competitor, 1 team and the remainder was their community who would take part in non competitive wods during the day.

If they couldn’t jockey up 25 people then the invite went to the next gym on the list.

Of course Filthy year 1 was a massive success, leading to Filthy year 2 being a sell out within minutes and forcing a second day to be put on!

We love that our OG’s are still competing with us all these years later. 

Don your long socks for the throwback to Bua, FSM, Kilkenny, Mallow, Letterkenny and Navan!