#2 A jaunt around a racecourse

23rd April 2019

Punchestown is the home to winners both on and off the track

It’s a misty Dublin morning as the lads jump into the truck to escape work and spend a few hours bonding over testing fitness in a racecourse. Of course it rains and there’s not a coat in sight after the good weather of the weekend.

These are men on a mission. If only we had Kevin Claxton’s “Man in a Van Cam” to catch the banter between them, we’d get all the news then.

There’s only a few days before Jamie heads off to the Italian Showdown and there are things he needs to see and suss out. Christopher is today’s guinea pig. Unfortunately for us but luckily for Jamie, Christopher is unbreakable and we hear nothing of the torture inflicted on him.

However, I did find this, a video of Punchestown Festival, take a look at sheer size of that outdoor space, hows your legs for an ole jaunt around that?!

With that rolling Irish countryside mixed in with the Irish weather and a man on a mission to test you to the core of your fitness, tell me this…

Are you scared?

Just a little?

YES! Do it!

Bring yourself, bring your team, make this happen

PS stay up to date with the Italian Showdown https://www.crossfititalianshowdown.com/en/pro
and Punchestown https://punchestown.com/ -our kind of town