#1 Welcome to the Filthy Journals

20th April 2019

The team are getting together over the Easter weekend - In a hotel meeting room, no Easter eggs, copious amounts of coffee and a touch of fear for what lies ahead. Should there be fear? Oh yes! If you arent slightly scared of failing in front of millions of your peers, will you go that extra step to be extraordinary? I dont think so.

Jamie takes control of the ranks quickly, he knows better than to let the chat get out of hand. More time is lost to mindless chatter in a day than one could dare imagine, especially in a room full of CrossFit athletes.

The purpose of this offsite meeting? Setting our core values. Who are we and why do we do what we do? What drives us and how can we, as completely unique individuals, work cohesively together to pull off one seriously slick event in a few short months time.

Hard core stuff, not for the faint hearted or soft skinned individual. Thankfully we stuck it out, heard a few hard truths, got some constructive feedback and ate some ice-cream. It just happens to be the warmest day in Ireland so far this year, sitting at a comfortable 20 degrees outside. Inside we were not so comfortable. It took numerous attempts by a number of us to get the aircon going. There’s definitely a joke in there somewhere.

That is not wine on the table. Jamie is a lot of things but he cannot turn the water into wine yet

That is not wine on the table. Jamie is a lot of things but he cannot turn the water into wine yet

Core values though? Lads you are running a competition, not running for president, core values?! Yes! Seriously. The result of a weekend of core value setting was… LASER FOCUS! Reams of lasers. Now synchronised, on one, big, massive filthy shaped goal. Mind blowing when you find that synchronicity.

I have never seen 5 people change so much over the space of probably 16 hours. The new laser sharp focus, the hunger for success, the new drive and fire in their bellies and a completely renewed vigor to get this Filthy show very much on the road.

We are THAT team.