#12 Multiple Events, One Qualifier

25th June 2019

CrossFit®Filthy 150 has teamed up with Wodapolooza and The Atlas Games to bring athletes from around the world a new way to compete at CrossFit® Sanctional™ events next season. 

This year’s changes to the CrossFit® Games format has brought plenty of new challenges for competitive athletes, chief among them being the qualification process for events they wish to compete at. A brand new online event, International Online Qualifier, will allow athletes to complete one set of qualifier workouts and potentially qualify for multiple Sanctional™ events all in one go. The collaboration between Filthy 150 (Nov 2019), Wodapalooza (Feb 2020) and the Atlas Games (April 2020) aims to streamline the qualification process for athletes and simplify the planning of their season ahead.

The entry process will be simple. Athletes will register once, then select the events they hope to qualify for, costing $25 (approx €22) per event. The new International Online Qualifier will provide a worldwide leaderboard and show placings for all athletes involved in any of the three events. There will also be a separate leaderboard for each Filthy 150, Wodapalooza and The Atlas Games.

Other events are expected to be added to the qualifier in the coming weeks, providing athletes with more opportunities to compete throughout the 2020 season. For the Filthy 150, the qualifier workouts for the Elite Individual Division and the Elite Team Division will be the same, with 30 Individual spots up for grabs for both the Elite Male and Elite Female Divisions. The Filthy 150 will be inviting 6 men and 6 women to compete alongside the qualified athletes. As for the Elite Teams, the workouts are based on combined individual scores, meaning athletes do not need to be in the same location as their teammates to complete all qualifiers. There will be 20 spots filled through the International Online Qualifier, with 4 additional teams being invited to compete in November.

For Wodapalooza, the top 90 athletes will qualify across three divisions, Elite, RX and Intermediate Individuals. For Atlas Games, the top 30 athletes will qualify for their Elite Individual division, plus Age Groups.

The International Online Qualifier will take place over three separate weekends:

Aug 21-26

Aug 28- Sept 2

Sept 4- 9

Registration opens July 1st.

Stay tuned for further details over the coming weeks.