#5 Going Dark

30th April 2019

Last day of April. First day of Filthy programming! 

The boss is gone dark. Not batman dark but a very dark grey kind of dark. No messages, no contact unless life or death until Friday.  

By Friday, we will have a Filthy. The wods will be etched in stone, albeit a very soft play-doh-like stone substance, until some more testing is done. Once the deadline comes, that's it. Chisel out those massive stone tablets. No more changes.  

So many aspects of filthy depends on the programming and the programming depends on so much. Fail to consider something, overlook a detail and it's back to the drawing board. If that happens, late in the day, then the knock on effects start to appear, change of equipment, change of suppliers, changes in scoring, change in volunteer numbers. 

Its a massive job. There have been so many lessons learned over the years. That experience will stand to us. There's not many coaches around with that level of team programming experience. That knowledge, of what works for teams and what doesn't work. Years worth of knowledge crammed into one little brain!

Combinations, patterns, rep schemes, time caps. Get it right and it's a thing of beauty. Get it wrong, well... 

Its just another Filthy right? But its not.  

This year, it's so much more.