The Event

The CrossFit® Filthy 150 is predominantly a Teams-of-4 Event. Our workouts reward fitness, teamwork and camaraderie. 

It sees CrossFit® Games Champions sharing the same floor as athletes competing for their very first time. It’s about you, your teammates, your affiliate and your collective effort.

This year we have added two brand new divisions, Elite Teams, and Elite Individuals. The winners of these divisions will get invited to compete at the 2020 CrossFit® Games

3 Divisions

Teams-of-4 (2 male / 2 female).

This division follows the format of the CrossFit® Open with an RX and a Scaled version of each workout. Teams may choose whichever version of the workout which allows them to maximise their ability and score. This is a competitive division suitable for all CrossFit athletes.


Elite Team (2 male / 2 female)

The winners of this division will earn their place at the CrossFit® Games 2020. This is a 3 day event which will challenge teams in many ways. This division will be limited to 24 teams, with qualifiers taking place in mid June.


Elite Males/Females

This is also a 3 day event with 24 individual males & 24 individual females competing for a place at the CrossFit® Games 2020. Qualifiers will take place in early June.

We have history of innovative workouts so be prepared for anything.  

How to enter

Every year tickets are in high demand. To give everyone a fair chance, we run a lottery. If you are one of the lucky teams drawn, you are in. No qualifiers, no obstacles, you are on the floor in November.

**Registration for lottery will open soon**


Qualifier workouts for our elite divisions will take place in June and are open to anyone. If you have already secured a team place through the lottery, your participation in the qualifiers won’t affect it. If you do manage to qualify, your team-of-4 spot will be re-allocated.

Terms & Conditions apply. All sales are non-refundable. All deposits are non-refundable. All athletes must sign a waiver to compete