International Online Qualifier - Q&A

How does it work?

You will register your details once and sign up for whichever qualifier events you want to be included in.

If I sign up for all three events, will there be one leaderboard or three separate ones?

The International Online Qualifier will provide a worldwide leaderboard and show placings for athletes signed up to any of the three events. There will also be a separate leaderboard for each Filthy 150, Wodapolooza and The Atlas Games.

How much will it cost to do the qualifiers?

Each qualifier entry will cost $25 which is approximately €22 per event.  

Are the workouts for each event different?

No, all the workouts will be the exact same.

For Filthy 150, is this qualifier for Elite Teams or Elite Individuals?

The qualifiers beginning August 21 are for both divisions. As for the Elite  Teams, the workouts are based on combined individual scores, meaning you do not need to be in the same location as your teammates to complete all qualifiers. 

Can I try to qualify for both the Individual and the Team divisions by completing these qualifiers?

Of course, just make sure your team knows ;) There will be an option to qualify for both divisions at this year’s Filthy 150. If you are offered an Individual spot or a Team spot you can decide which one you’d like to take.

I have a Teams-of-4 ticket from the lottery, can my team still try to qualify for the Elite divisions?

Yes, if you are offered an Elite spot then your Teams-of-4 ticket will be transferred over to the Elite Division and your Teams-of-4 ticket can be reissued via the lottery or your other teammates can replace you.

Do I need to video my workouts?

Yes, all workouts should be videoed. When workouts are released there will be instructions explaining what you will need to include.

How will submission videos work if I am signed up for more than one event?

You will just need to submit the very same score and video to each event you have signed up to qualify for.

How many qualifying spots are up for grabs in Elite divisions?

This is different for each event. For Wodapolooza, the top 20 male and female athletes will qualify for the Elite division. For The Atlas Games that number will be 30. For the Filthy 150, the top 30 male and top 30 females will qualify. The top 20 teams will also qualify.