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One competition, one leaderboard, one community

Just like the open, you do whatever workouts you can as prescribed, and scale the ones you can’t. It's that simple. This format has worked every day at the box since CrossFit first began, and works perfectly in the Open year-in-year-out. It’s our sport at it’s best.

This allows every team to put their best foot forward in each workout, to maximise their abilities.

It also allows the whole community to compete together in one event. You don’t need to worry about divisions, about sandbagging, or about not being able. You just enter and take on the challenge together.

We are putting huge energy and resources into ensuring the scaled version of each workout is just as cool and interesting as the prescribed version.

It’s always been about the team competing together, the team against the workout.


We are putting together the most exciting prize packages imaginable

The winning team will win a VIP trip to the CrossFit Games (inc flights & VIP Games tickets)

In addition to the €6000 worth of prizes for the podium winners, we will have thousands of euro's in prizes that we will award to athletes in recognition of all their hard work.

At the end of each wave, every 30 mins, one athlete will win a spot prize.

These spot prizes are no ordinary spot prizes either. Included will be:

Concept2 SkiERG
Concept2 Rower
Eleiko Barbells
5.11 Vest
5.11 Bag
WHOOP Performance Watch
Reebok Apparel
Nobull Apparel
Stance Apparel

.... and more to come