CrossFit® Filthy 150 aims to bring together the world’s top athletes and the whole of the Irish CrossFit community in one place for a festival and celebration of all things CrossFit. Our primary aim is to put together the most competitive weekend possible, giving athletes from around the world the opportunity to compete and win at the highest level. 

With that in mind, CrossFit® Filthy 150 provides athletes with opportunities to compete at the finals in a couple of different ways. We run an Online Qualifier, which gives 30 individual men and women and 20 teams a place on the competition floor. CrossFit® Filthy 150 also invites a number of athletes to compete. These athletes earn their spots through past performances at Sanctionals events, the CrossFit Open and the CrossFit Games. Having initially announced 6 invitational spots, this has now been extended beyond that to accommodate athletes that will enhance the competitiveness of the weekend. These are athletes who have proven themselves at the highest level and are eager to throw down in front of the Irish crowd. These invites will be offered to athletes who meet the invitational criteria and were shortlisted early-on as athletes the Irish community might like to see on the floor in November. 

Who is eligible for an invitation to compete at the CrossFit® Filthy 150?

All invitations will be at the sole discretion of the CrossFit® Filthy 150 and the number of invitational spots are limited. 

CrossFit Games

    • CrossFit Games 2018, 2019: Top 30 Men & Women

    • CrossFit Games 2017, 2016, 2015: Top 5 Men & Women

CrossFit Open

    • CrossFit Games Open, March 2019: Top 30 Men & Women Worldwide

    • CrossFit Games Open, March 2019: Irish National Champion

    • CrossFit Games Open, October 2019: Top 30 Men & Women Worldwide

    • CrossFit Games Open, October 2019: Irish National Champion

CrossFit Sanctionals

    • CrossFit Sanctionals 2019 season: Event Winner