The Event

Filthy 150 is a fitness competition for CrossFitters held every year in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a team event, with teams consisting of 2 men and 2 women, who will take on multiple physical challenges designed to test all aspects of fitness. 


This years event takes place on October 20th 2018

Who competes?

Teamwork is what we celebrate. Together, we become greater then the sum of our parts. We see this every day at the box… when the going gets tough, the tough work together.

Every year at Filthy 150, we see teams come together to sweat, to work with each other, and to work for each other. Inclusivity has always been a central part of the event, so there is a place for every level of athlete. All you have to do is gather your team mates and get to Dublin in October. 

The Workouts

We are all about the workouts. Challenging, interesting tests that reward mental toughness, guile and the competitive spirit. We aim to provide workouts that are great to do, exciting to watch and allow competitors be at their athletic best.

We also work hard to provide uncommon and novel equipment to present athletes with a challenge they have never faced before. 

The Venue

At Weston Airport, Dublin, you will find four competition floors spread across three large aircraft hangars and an obstacle course overlooking the runway. Thanks to our title sponsor Reebok, Spartan Racing are providing us with their world-famous obstacle course for this year’s event. 

The Prizes

The winning team at this year’s Filthy 150 will be flown to Madison next summer with an all-access pass to the 2019 CrossFit Games. Other podium prizes will include Concept 2 rowers and bikergs, Eleiko barbells and gear, 5.11 Tactical vests and much more. 

For everyone in attendance, we will be randomly giving away spot prizes throughout the event, just for the fun of it! Theraguns, Concept 2 rowers, Stance socks, apparel from 5.11, WIT, Reebok  and much more. This year is going to be a bonanza!


Supporting your friends and family has never been more fun. Along with our tiered seating, we will have 100 large beanbags spread across the venue so you can chill and chat in comfort.

Our shopping experience this year promises to be exciting, with WIT-Fitness bringing a pop-up store with all the apparel brands you could ever want. Other brands such as OLY Clothing, Heavy Rep Gear, Bear Strength, Eleiko Strengthwear , NOCCO will have stores in our vendor village, along with Concept 2, Theragun, 5.11 and Halo Neuroscience. 

The history of Filthy 150